Micro Needling

Micro-Needling is a type of cosmetic treatment for the ageing of face & hair growth.
Micro-Needling is a type of cosmetic treatment for the ageing of face & hair growth. it involves the use of roller which has microneedles that cause micro-injuries & help to induce stem cells in scalp that leads to hair growth.
It also promotes the absorption of hair growth products such as minoxidil, growth factor mesotherapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hair transplants really work?

Hair transplant has given more results then product that we find in the market, it has given people back the immense confidence that they were looking also 20 to 80 % percent of transplanted hair will grow back in any given timeframe of four to five months which will be similar to the Natural hair.

How long does hair transplant last?

After a successful hair transplant, provided with right care taken. It will take five to nine months to show visible results an you will also find significant change in your hairline after a year.

Do hair transplants look natural?

Yes , after a successful hair transplant your will look completely natural to simplify further hair transplant is procedure where the healthy hair follicles are transplanted into thinning or bald areas. However it also depends on the surgeon as it requires alot of experience and at rejoice we have 98% success rate.

How much are you willing to pay to get back your identity?

We live in a modern-day society and people judge based on how we look or represent ourselves also social media amplifies being liked or disliked

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We aren′t just a bunch of emotionless doctors. We understand how painful it is to lose hairs. We have seen young people in depression because they think baldness is incurable. But this is not true. We offer the solution to you.

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Once upon a time in India, hair transplant was a movie star thing. You needed it but never wanted it because of the prices. Times have changed. Cost of hair transplant in India no more demands you to empty your accounts. With Rejoice, you get more happiness than you lose when you pay. And this is our specialty, that we care. (More about prices on Hair Transplant Cost).

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